Door jambs | Skirting boards | Casings | Sliding door kits

At Dimoldura, we offer a global solution in mouldings.  We cover different styles and technical characteristics in order to offer products that adapt to every need and setting.

We design and manufacture the widest range of MDF mouldings with natural veneer, paper, engineered veneer, etc.


Skirting board

The skirting board is the finishing touch to any interior. A good choice gives any space a refined and elegant look.


Door jambs

The door jamb is the part of the door frame where the door fits in when it is closed. At Dimoldura, we manufacture matching door jambs with high resistance to impact and reduced noise.




The casing hides the junction between the jamb and the wall. Available in the same finishes as the doors, they are an essential complement to each door. That is why, at Dimoldura, we offer all combinations to ensure perfect integration.



Sliding door kits

Sliding doors are the perfect answer to make the most of available space. Dimoldura installation kits combine reliability, ease of use and design to create an ideal space in every room.