Front doors

Standard | Armoured | Reinforced doors

Your front door is what guards your home. It is a key component that allows you to enjoy the peace of mind you deserve in your home. Dimoldura has developed a complete range to increase the level of home protection with different security levels.

The first impression of a house is the front door, so we have a wide range of decorative choices.

Armoured Doors

At Dimoldura we have created a line of extremely robust armoured doors to provide a high level of security.

An internal galvanised steel structure ensures extreme protection against any break-in.

Reinforced doors

Dimoldura reinforced security doors offer an optimum level of security. Capable of withstanding the most demanding tests (manual break-in, static charge and dynamic charge), they have earned the confidence of thousands of customers.


Standard doors

This is the most widely-used door in interior spaces. Designed with thicker leaves than conventional doors, it is the ideal choice for increased security at very competitive prices.



Laminate designs




White laquered


RAL chart


NCS chart